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Thursday 4 April 2013

Catch up!

Finally we have a broadband connection reliable enough for me to post this! It is very frustrating when I keep getting "timed out" part way through the upload.

Since I posted on Good Friday we have had several days of sunshine here - but it has still been bitterly, bitterly cold. The hens are now on egg strike - we have had 3 eggs in four days which is not very good - I am thinking of getting a few point of lay new pullets so we can have a more reliable source of eggs.

Not sure what the old girls will make of new hens - especially if they are not ginger!

Compostman made a new Guinea Pig run this week, as the old one finally fell to bits, but despite the sunshine it is still too cold to put the piggles outside  so they are still snug in their large hutch  but hopefully they can go out to nibble some grass soon.

I have been hoping to plant out the chitted potatoes but have not yet done so because the soil is still too cold - but have covered the beds over with geotextile to warm the soil up a bit and hopefully I will be planting in the next day or so. I have also sown more peppers and tomato seeds for later cropping, as well as the cucumber and melon seeds. I need to pot on the first wave of tomato plants as the porch is full to overflowing!

Compostgirl had friends over today, and they have been running around the garden looking for the chocolate Easter bunnies I hid earlier on this morning. We had much fun at lunchtime as I served up home made soup and cheese and ham toasties - we bought a (cheap) toasted sandwich maker at the weekend and I realised it is 16 years since we last had one! We used to use it a lot but when it finally died we never replaced it - I had forgotten just how much I like toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. The three children really enjoyed them as well so I guess they will be on the menu at Compost Mansions a lot, now.

The fine, dry weather has meant  I have done many loads of washing - since we have dismantled the guest bed room (and bed) to start the renovations I have had to put away in storage all the spare king size sheets and blankets -  this good weather has been a boon as they have been washed, line dried very easily and stored away.

Crafting projects have also taken up a lot of my time this week as well as trips out with the family.

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter break :-)


  1. We're basking in sunshine too.
    Glad you're enjoying it.


    1. Its lovely in the sun, but perishing as soon as it goes!
      glad you have some as well :-)

  2. Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the update.

    Despite this weather you are doing brilliantly with your veggie planning. I am impressed.

    Oh, toasted sandwich, so yummy....and your little ones sounded like they had such fun.

    I hope you enjoy the weekend, it's supposed to be warmer for us.

    Sft x

    1. At 12 and 10, not such little ones, after all - especially when the three of them were dancing in Compostgirls room to "Gangnam Style" lol.

      Soil still too cold to plant , today so am getting the polytunnel super clean and looking at lots of sites onlne - I have made a "Dream Garden" Pinterest board and am slowly filling it with ideas :-)


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