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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Tidy-up Tuesday and more on the Christening robe.

Evening all

Another dry and sunny day here - Compostman has been incarcerated in the Pink (guest) bedroom all day Doing Stuff to walls, windows floors etc - this required all the contents to be removed and redistributed around the rest of the house, which was entertaining!

As a result I now have a car FULL of surplus stuff to take to charity shops/animal rescue centres. And I mean FULL. It's a Skoda Octavia  - which means it is quite huge - and it is FULL.

Ok, you get we have decluttered a lot of stuff out of the house, right?

I have also washed numerous sets of curtains, written some articles ( for money yay!) and negotiated for some items to be sent to me for reviewing here on The Compost Bin - stuff I would actually like and want to buy but now do not have to spend money on, and stuff which I hope you, my gentle reader, are interested in, well, reading about! And I planted many more of the summer flowering bulbs into pots and put them into the Polytunnel to grow.

So good all round I hope.

Compostgirl and I have tonight watched some of last Saturday's The Voice  and she had been doing all sorts of experiments ( Thank you Horrible Science box set...!) and leaning how to make toasted sandwiches. She has also been making us numerous cups of tea - Compostman because he Is Busy and me because my sinuses are infected ( again) and my face really REALLY hurts and I feel rubbish today.

Thank you dear, I really do appreciate the tea and sympathy and the hugs - they really do help :-)

I have also managed to get the wonderful Christening robe clean! It is now drying inside the house, wrapped in towels to protect it. My hands are now in a dreadful state, however, from all the washing I have done recently  and I have smothered them in some of my magic working, home made balm. It usually fixes most problems with skin!

The hens are not laying at all - they seem well enough otherwise (apart from old) so I think I may try worming them again, failing that new extra hens will have to be obtained so we have a reliable source of eggs. A trip to the hen stockist! Squee!

How has your day been?


  1. Gosh you've been busy this week, and it's only half way through!!

    You make me tired just reading about it all :-)

    1. Today was busy as well - over to Malvern then back and shopping in Ledbury, then charity shop run ( yay - boot is nearly empty!)

      Sitting down with a cuppa - then off out to clean out hens before it gets dark :-)


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