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Saturday 6 April 2013

Saturday - soapsuds and soil.

Hello lovely people!

Another cold but sunny day and yes, yet more blankets and sheets were washed and put on the line to dry today - this time I did our normal weekly bedding and towel hot wash and also washed and dried the very last king sized blanket. That is now all the spare bedding and blankets clean and packed away AND all our bed blankets now clean and fresh and a couple of those are also packed away for next winter. 
Next in the washing machine will be the curtains from the Pink/Guest bedroom - they can then be ironed and packed away until the room is completed. I am keen to take advantage of the sunny weather as we are generating lots of electricity and lots of hot water, so its a good cheap time to be doing a lot of washing :-)

The Guinea Piggle girls

went outside into their new run today!

They pop corned in delight and wheeked a lot, they were obviously very pleased to be outside in the sunshine with fresh grass! I thought about it and realised that they had not been outside on grass since Oct 2012 - they have only been out in the run inside the Polytunnel since then - so no wonder they were so happy ;-)

Have any of you joined the B & Q Club? I was having a look around for more gardening ideas and found out about it . You simply complete the sign-up form , including your contact details and a little bit of information about your DIY preferences and then you get an email with your membership number in - and away you go!
B & Q say on their website
Most members will receive a welcome email immediately, which includes your membership details. From time to time, there may be a bit of a delay for some customers. It's usually because loads of other people want to join too! So we're grateful for your patience.
The B&Q Club is card-less.  All you need is your 16-digit membership number to access its benefits.  No cards, no vouchers. You can show your membership number or bar code in any format – a printed copy, on your phone or written down on a piece of paper.  Simply present your membership number or bar code at the tills in-store to take advantage of any of The B&Q Club rewards. It's that simple. 

I got my membership details within 5 mins. I do shop at B & Q and so am always keen to get a discount offer. At the moment they are offering 

3 for 2 on smoke alarms & carbon monoxide alarms and 3 for 2 on all bedding plants


Hope you are all having a good weekend :-)

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  1. I love the little piggle girls. Must get my bedding done and on the line today. Sorry, can't help about the tablecloths though. Don't let them go for pennies if you do sell them.
    FIB x


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