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Thursday 25 July 2013

Broody hen

Nutmeg the Ginger Hen, the oldest hen, the nearly-stopped-laying-cos-I'm-much-too-old hen, the kind, gentle matriarch of the Ginger Gang, the even tempered and generally delightful hen...

has Gone Broody. Now a Broody Hen turns into the Hen from Hell, pecking and growling and fluffing and generally behaving in a very slightly bonkers way.

A sort of " take me on if you think you are hard enough" gleam comes into their eyes and they have a tendency to peck at you and draw blood.

I am hoicking her out of the nest box several times a day to make her eat , drink and poo.

I have never had a commercial Ginger gybrid hen go broody before. We shall see if it sticks; if it does I might get her some fertile eggs to sit on :-)

At her age! honestly!


  1. Do it, do it!! Chicks are so fun. We actually just had a hen hatch some yesterday!

    1. Done it many times Lana ;-) just not convinced she will stick at it yet so not risking it until I am sure

    2. I figured you had, just adding some encouragement in there so I get to see some more precious baby chick pics alongside my own. :)

  2. Aaahhh what a lovely looking hen she is too.

  3. They can be daft birds at times, can't they?


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