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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Snapbox photo printing service - review

I love taking photos. I love to document my day. I carry a small Fuji Fine pix camera around with me all the time and I snap away, documenting and capturing what I do, as I do it. I use these images in so many ways - I obviously use them on here :-), I use them to illustrate talks and lecture notes; I refer to them to see what I was doing and when, I check back to see what "this time last year" looked like in the garden, and so on.

I don't pretend to be a particularly good photographer, but occasionally I do see an image I have captured and thought "ooh I like that - I wish I could have that as a print" but somehow I never get around to actually printing it off. I used to print off a lot of my shots in the good old days of film but since the advent of digital cameras I haven't done much printing.

Anyway I was thinking about  printing off a couple of my recent images, and wondering if I had enough printer cartridge left and if I had any of the "special" photo paper left, when I was contacted by SnapBox  an innovative digital photography service newly launched in the UK by established fine art printing company, JONDO.

Now Snapbox have conducted some research and apparently I am not the only person who no longer prints off their images. Their press release highlighted that
people have fallen out of love with the tradition of printing and displaying photos in the home with the top reason (19 per cent of respondents) being that they now have far too many photos to choose from, possibly following the surge in daily smartphone photography.
over a third of Brits (36 per cent) have lost valuable photos after relying on their smartphones to store them. New innovative digital photography service, SnapBox, found this includes ten per cent from dropping their phone down the toilet (4 per cent whilst drunk!) closely followed by eight per cent in the bath.

As you may remember Compostman has been refurbishing and redecorating the guest bedroom and it will (very soon!) become our room. We have a new colour scheme on the walls, a new floor, new blinds, a new flower bed to look out at, so what better way to brighten up one of the windowless walls than to put up a lovely print?

Snapbox very kindly offered me a free print in return for trying out the service so I went to the website, uploaded my chosen image from my computer, cropped it until I liked what I saw, picked a size and then put it in my basket. During the process you get to see what the print looks like, in the frame, against a wall. A few more key strokes and lo, I had purchased a print to hang on the wall. 

The whole process took me less than 10 mins from start to finish and was much like loading images onto Blogger (only faster!) 

Aapparently you can also upload a photo from your mobile device, or select one from your Facebook albums. Alternatively you can email an image from your device to Snapbox.

I can't wait to see what my framed, mounted print looks like, I will let you know when it arrives :-)

 Disclaimer -This post features a paid link to a company who sent me a voucher for a free print, in return for me trialling the website and going through the ordering process. 
As always, the words I write are my own and are my honest opinions.

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