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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ice competition seeds coming through already

The seeds I planted on Thursday night last week have germinated :-) These are The Organic Gardening Catalogue Salad mixed leaves

And these are Pak Choi, with Rocket emerging at the other end of the trough.

I only sowed them on Thursday so they have come up quite quickly! So far the Pak Choi, Rocket, Salad leaves and Radish have emerged, but I expect the Beetroot to show leaves in the next day or so. Carrots always take a little longer.  
I am doing this not just to grow food but because I am participating in a competition run by Ice.  Ice is a new, flexible customer reward programme which identifies sustainable products and services, from high-street retailers to small independent businesses, presents them to you in a one-stop shop and rewards you generously when you buy them via Ice. 

Ice want to promote sustainable living and keeping things organic, including encouraging more people to grow their own fruit and vegetables from home. As part of this ideal, Ice is running a ‘Grow Your Own’ competition alongside The Organic Gardening Catalogue (one of its partners) to encourage home grown, sustainable produce and they asked me if I would take part :) hence the collection of lovely seeds they sent me which I am now watching grow.

Exciting to watch, as always. I never tire of seeing seedlings emerge from the soil. I can't wait to get harvesting :-)

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