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Friday 16 August 2013

A house hen and a confused cat!

Marjoram the last of the ex battery hens from the rescue of Dec 2011 is poorly :( 

And has needed special treatment and is now inside as a House Hen. Hopefully she will recover, given special food and lots of love. She has gone into a full moult and I fear her poor little body cannot cope with the stress of growing back her new feathers.

Hopefully I can help her get through this difficult time and she will live on to enjoy her peaceful retirement. She is a lovely little hen and loves to be stroked and cuddled - she purrs and croons at me when I feed her treats by hand.

Gizzie the newest cat  is also confined inside at the moment ( as a  new cat she needs to be kept in for a few days) and looks a bit nonplussed at sharing the kitchen with a Hen in a cat carrier! They seem to be getting on ok, though.


  1. Hi CW

    I thought I was the mad one and I am glad I have a kindred spirit xx

    Take care



  2. oh I do hope she makes it - she's looking pretty poorly though. Sending healing (((hugs))) to her.
    I'm glad to hear your keeping the new cat in, so many people think they can move house or have a new cat and just let it out and it's supposed to know where it lives ! what goes on in their heads ? not a lot I'm thinking.
    Sadly these pets end up as 'lost' statistics on lamp posts and bus shelters !!!

  3. She does look poorly, I hate to see any of my birds with that tell tale 'hunch'. Fingers crossed that a bit of tlc, some tasty treats and a few cuddles will help her to see a few more months. But you have done amazingly well to give her almost two years of freedom and love.

    Knowing (through FB) that Gizzie managed to get out and has returned safely means that she sees you as Mum and your house as home, so nothing to worry about there.

    Cats are a lot more sensible than we give them credit for. Once one of my cats escaped on moving day and we didn't even know he had gone until we heard a mewing at the front door. The front door had not been open at all and we lived on a long curving terrace of houses, so he had made his way out of the back and round the block to the front door and sat there patiently mewing - how he knew that it was our house I'll never know. Talk about a 'phew' moment!!

    1. She is getting a lot better but I am still not expecting miracles

  4. Sweet girl. I'm hoping things work out well.


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