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Wednesday 7 August 2013

I finally cracked...

ha ha 

and tonight , despite a very aching bad back. went out and drove around a fair bit of my local patch in order to get four fertile eggs for Nutmeg my broody, 5 year old, virtually stopped laying eggs, ginger hybrid, (never had one gone broody before). She is now settled on them and gave an aprreciative purr after I put them under her

Watching her tuck the eggs under her, croon a bit and "nestle down" on them made my back ache from driving to get the eggs ( thank you Jo at Hansnett farm ) worth while

The things I do for my hens.

 She was SO pleased and  I feel very happy that I could make her so content

*If* ( big ask I know) she manages to hatch them I will have a very interesting mix of chicks - but am not counting my chicks before they have hatched,...! Just happy to let her try to do what Nature is asking of her


  1. I ALWAYS let my broody hens sit on eggs. I am not sure why people are so focused on disrupting them...they are pets and not commercial layers and we have had a few chicks to add to the flock. And, yes, I DO keep a rooster, ALWAYS! This one is a lovely one who has never been aggressive ...
    So, well done and good luck!

    1. lynda I usually let mine sit on eggs as well ( if you read the blog you will see the lovely chicks we have had) and I am certainly not focussed on disrupting a broody out of it.

      But Nutmeg is a ex commercial flock hen AND is quite old,and never gone broody before, so I was reluctant to risk it until I was sure.

  2. Replies
    1. She is doing her stuff magnificently at the moment :)

  3. Our pet hens are allowed to sit. That's the reason we have so many of them. Good luck to Nutmeg!


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