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Friday 2 August 2013

A very clean thumbs up to Ecover.

Just before Hampton Court Flower Show I was sent a sample of an Ecover gardening pack which contained Washing Up liquid, Biodegradable compost caddy bags and some Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

I had a lot going on that week and someone put the items away for me and to be honest I forgot all about it until today, when I opened a cupboard and spotted the items looking at me

One of my regular weekend jobs is to empty out and clean the compost caddy  - we get through a lot of veg here and all the compostables go into this handy caddy we keep in the corner of the kitchen by the sink.

But it was rather smelly and full to overflowing  - we had started on a second container, there was no room for any more in the caddy!

So I decided to use my Ecover freebies to sort out the mess.

I emptied out the contents of the caddy into the Can O Worms and the Hungry Bin wormeries, which are going strong and are full of worms making lots of lovely vermicompost for me:)

and then gave the caddy a good scrub out with my Pomegranate and Lime washing up liquid and hot water - it smelt lovely after I had done.

I usually use the Co Op compostable shopping bags to line the caddy, but these Ecover ones are really good and very strong. I suspect I will get a number of uses from each liner.

Caddy clean and back in place.

After I had finished I needed to wash my hands and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get them clean looking. When I looked at them closely I could see that all those new potatoes, broad beans and tomatoes we are gathering from the garden have left my fingers stained yellow and black.


Now the Ecover hand cleaner scrub contains crushed coconut shells so I gave my fingers a scrub with it  and lo, they are now nice and clean and soft again :) I gave my hands  a treat of some rose and lavender hand cream to follow and tidied up my nails as well. No more rough skin snagging on my crochet wool now :).

Seriously, the Ecover compost bags are really really good and strong and a good size, the Hand scrubber really does work and the Washing up liquid does what it is supposed to and smells divine.

Yet again, thank you Ecover UK for sending me the items to try out; they get a (very clean!) thumbs up from me :)


  1. I bought one of these kits at Hampton court, I second your opinions- fabulous quality lovely goods :-)

    1. The scrub is even better than the old version, and that was pretty good!

  2. Thanks for the review Sarah, I think I'll definitely give the washing up liquid and the hand scrub a go,


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