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Friday 16 January 2015

Washing a hen's pudenda...

Ha! Thought that would get your attention! Copying John Grey's tactics with lurid titles :)

The hen in question is of course Lilac. Her crop seems back to normal and she is in general good health BUT she won't eat much while inside so, although she is alarmingly thin I put her outside in the pale sunshine to wander around the garden with the other hens. She perked up as soon as she saw them and, after a bit of pecking order antics from Sweetiepie to remind Lilac that she is STILL bottom hen, they all ambled off to sunbathe and dig up the veg patch.

Lilac had a mucky bum because she is inside in a cat carrier and she can't perch so is sitting in her (copious) night time droppings, which is why her bottom fluff is getting caked with poo. When it dries it cannot be very comfortable so at the end of the day I gathered her up and washed her poo clogged feathers. I then cut off the offending feathers. Hopefully this will make Lilac more comfortable until she is strong enough to perch in the hen house at night.

In other news I have definitely found I am also intolerant to milk and cheese, as well as wheat. So that will make life a bit more interesting on the food front! On the plus side my weight loss is even more dramatic now I have cut out milk and cheese! I seem ok with butter and natural live yogurt though - apparently that is not unusual.


  1. Hopefully your health will pick up again now you know of the dairy intolerances. Hope you don't become intolerant of eggs!
    Glad Lilac is much better too xxx
    John Gray will be flattered I think of your reference to his 'lurid' titles lol!

  2. Well, at least now you know and there are loads of alternatives to milk based milk.

  3. You are doing a great job with Lilac.
    Hope your health improves too !

  4. Feeling a lot better today thank you all. Lilac outside for a bit but too cold now so she came back inside :)


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