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Saturday 31 January 2009

January musings

So..end of the first month of 2009!

I have decided to instigate a monthly round up of what has gone on, a "good things" and ( maybe) "not so good things" which have happened here

So the good things

Well I bet you can all guess what no 1 will be !

I FINISHED my Forest School Leader portfolio! and handed it in ON TIME!
I am so relieved, I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have completed it after 9 months of jolly hard work.

I enjoyed it, especially the actual sessions with the children and I love research and learning so it was good to do BUT I had a few health issues along the way which made it harder to complete than I would have liked.

The Hens! They continue to delight and amuse....and the Dorking 6 look to be as amusing as the rest of the girls!

3. Our wood and garden. It is the start of planting and digging and flowering and growing and budding and greening....and I love love LOVE it! February is such a good time of year! and I realise how lucky and blessed I am to live where I do, with a wonderful garden and woodland to tend and nurture.

Compostman and Compostgirl!

I have various plans in progress, some involve using our own woodland for education and also some other work opportunities, I won't say any more just yet BUT I am hopeful that this year will be financially a bit more fruitful than 2008 (when I spent a LOT of money on my FS training which was another reason why I was SO determined to finish the portfolio!) I now have more time to commit to actually getting out there sourcing some much needed paying work to earn some money, rather than spending vast amounts of time and money doing the training!

I can't honestly think of any really "not so good" things"...small niggles, health issues and minor irritations but they all blow away when I go and walk down the wood and hear the birds singing and see the Hare who lives in our woodland turn and look at me.....

or take my early morning mug of tea out to the chickens to let them out and listen to them grumble and scratch around and jostle for position at the feeders.

or watch the mad cats run around the garden and pell mell up a tree, all three of them nose to tail.

Life is very good and I am very contented with my life at the moment!

I hope you all had a good January

Here is to a good February.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you didn't have any 'not so good' items on your list. Here's to February!

  2. It's good to look back at the month and see what you've achieved isn't it! I usually hate January and remain fairly grumpy throughout, but this year I've been busy planning for spring and doing a fair bit of riding, so I've felt much, much better!

    Willow xx

  3. I'm glad that you are so happy with how your January went. Here's to an equally good February!

    I've given you an award; details on my blog!


  4. Congrats again on finishing your portfolio :-) I'm interested to learn of your plans for using the woodland for education and growing. It is great to have that time and getting past the training stage.

  5. What a wonderful start to your year! Here's to a fruitful February!

  6. Thank you for all your positive comments!

    AND I really do appreciate all the positive comments and feedback I recieved whilst I was writing my FS portfolio!

    I plan to outline what I want to do here in a future post; I have to be a bit cagy atm..I am in "negotiation" stages so am required to be a bit circumspect I am afraid!

    but again, I really DO appreciate ALL the good vibes, wishes and encouragment I have received!


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