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Friday 8 May 2009

I am now a no show at the Compost Awareness event in Hereford

I agravated a long standing back injury lifting tables and trays of plants last weekend..and now I can't drive, or do much at all...so lovely Compostman drove me to school today and helped at Eco Club this afternoon...

because today I was scheduled to be teaching in the organic garden at School, I had Reception class scheduled to be out in the veg garden, planting potatos, carrots, beetroot and shallots.

Yesterday I had Gardening Club (juniors) out in the garden over lunch break planting potatos, beans, carrots, peas and beetroot. Then during the afternoon I was showing year 1 children how to plant up their raised veg bed with onions, carrots, turnips, potatos and beetroot, all with the theme of "purple"

I also, today had Eco Club and we did some pond dipping , which was great fun!

But, painful....and I wouldn't have managed it without Compostman's help.

Unfortunately due to my ( very painful) back injury I will also not, now, be at the Compost Awareness Week event in Hereford Fri.

Sorry! especially to Kim, who was going to come and say hello I know..

so...its rest, and recovery, and NO digging for me...

This is a really bad time for me to have an injury, as apart from all the stuff needing to be done here at Compost Mansions, there is a major re vamp of the school garden this weekend as well...moving the fence out to make the plot bigger, a new greenhouse, new raised beds..oooh all sorts of stuff ...and I am meant to be there digging and moving and dismantling compost bins and laying terram sheet and mulch and all sorts...

but I suspect I will be making the tea, instead :-( Grrr, bluddy back injury, I have had this for 40 years now, am Sooooo fed up its not true...mumble mumble mutter curse........)


  1. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel much recovered soon. x

  2. Gentle (((HUGS))) Sorry to hear about this; it sounds very frustrating as well as painful.

    I hope you are able to rest comfortably and will be back firing on all cylinders soon.

    Take care,
    mrs g x

  3. Oh dear, Compostwoman, not good! You have my sympathy, it's a gardener's curse isn't it. I hope it eases soon.

    I expect you know the exercises that work for your back, I learned some from the physio which really help me. The other thing I find helps is a nylon weightlifter's belt which I always now wear when digging or lifting. I helped a friend move some railway sleepers the other day and so far (touch wood - oh they were wood!) no problem.

    Get well soon.

  4. Hiya, sorry to hear of your back problem, I hope you are feeling better soon, its awful when you feel incapacitated and unable to do what you want.

    Big hugs Babs xx

  5. I know the feeling and frustration of nagging injuries - every time my left knee starts acting up I want to scream. Hope you are feeling better soon....

  6. I followed you over from Margaret's place because I loved the blog name......I hopw you don't mind?
    I LOVE your blog. I too am an organic gardener here in the states and the compost tips you have listed here are some of the best I've ever seen...........EVER!! Thanks so very much.
    If you have a moment or two to waste, please visit me at my blog and do say hello.
    Take good care and..........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. So sorry to hear about your back problems.... nothing worse when you cannot manage to do things for yourself and when you do try its agony..ouch!!
    Thank goodness for Mr Compostman.. he is a star!!
    Hope you feel better very soon!
    Will be thinking of you!!
    Much Love, Jane xxx

  8. Hi, I didn't make it to town on friday as I was in bed with one of those rotten viruses that's doing the rounds. Sorry to hear about your back

    Hereford uk


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