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Saturday 16 May 2009

Its a Cat thing.......

I seem to have become able to grow cats in pots in the polytunnel now...

fortunately (for Tabitha Twitchett and Tom Kitten!) the pots only contained growing medium...I hadn't actually planted them up yet!

Compostgirl has been making a very palatial den in the sitting room and has made it very comfy, with lots of cushions on the floor...so guess who decided it would be a good place to snooze away a rainy day?....yep, you got it, Tom, Tabitha and Sid!

And finally...we were down in the Wood a few evenings ago, making adjustments to our log circle in the pouring rain ( as you do..) It was getting late and Sid came down to say "hello" to us....and spent about 20 mins sitting on Compostgirl .....purring and talking to her...

And then walked all around the log circle, on top of the logs, jumping over the gaps, as if to inspect what we had been doing. Then he walked back up to the house with us, chatting away all the time, announcing our return to the other animals.

He was SOAKING when we got back to the house (as were we) but he really doesn't to mind being wet at all.


  1. Mwahahahahahaa - only cat lovers get this sort of post.

    I love the polytunnel pic and I'm delighted they were good and chose unplanted ones.

    I used to have a cat that didn't mind getting wet either; she would paddle in the stream with us and loved nothing more than sitting in a puddle so that she could complain about how wet and cold she was for the rest of the day.

    I do miss her and her funny ways:)

  2. Our cat also likes curling up in a pot of compost - preferably in the greenhouse - I hadn't left one for him this year so he tried to get into my box of leek seedlings. I found a tell tale footprint. Luckily he decided it wasn't such a good idea.

  3. Ahhhh that's so, so sweet!! Potted cats!! A really great photograph for the photo album!!Tabitha and Tom are so gorgeous...
    As for Sid.. he is a sweetie and Compostgirl looks so delighted with him... and for Sid to put up with a soaking.. well just shows how much he loves Compostgirl... one drop of rain on my cats and they are gone in a flash!!
    Hope your back is feeling better?
    With Love, Jane xxx

  4. Oh, this totally made me laugh. As someone with 8 cats - they spring up everywhere for us! They grow in our garden too!

  5. Awesome pictures! The cat in the second one looks SO much like my Tater (we have a Tater, a Tiger and a Tanner :O)


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