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Wednesday 13 May 2009

School grounds weekend

So, despite me having a VERY bad back, I and Compostman spent the weekend at school helping to extend the veg garden...Compostgirl just had fun playing with all the other children of parents who had come to help :-) We spent time extending the garden and clearing out the sheds etc....we had a skip delivered and spent a lot of time as well sorting out stuff to go into the recycling skips..and I must admit I "acquired" a lot of "useful" stuff to bring home to use ...(oops)

This is what the garden looked like before the fence was moved....

The fence has been moved out to extend the veg plot by about a further third ...

New fence posts going in....

Rabbit proof netting going in...

Lo! See the new fence! , the new raised bed! , the extra compost bins! I am soooo happy at the extra space and the new stuff it will allow me to do with the children!

Oh...the children are going to have SO much fun growing stuff in the extra space...


  1. That's exactly how I want my front yard to look! It's beautiful.

  2. That does look great! I'd love to get something like that going at my kids' school. One day...

  3. That looks amazing; you must be so proud of all the work you have done. well done! I love that the children are able to experience growing their own as a 'normal' activity; it's so important.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon with your back too.

    Gentle (((HUGS)))

  4. Wow on how much you were able to do! I really believe that having children garden is one of the best things they can experience, from a "school learning" as well as a general learning experience, shifting perspective from the more traditional outlook that is taught to them and thinking out of the box. They will be thrilled to see all your hard work, and thinking of all they can do to keep up that work.

  5. I'd love to have a backyard like that.. is that black plastic on the ground or garden mash? what a neat idea to keep the weeds away.

  6. Hello all!

    The ground is covered with black geo textile weed suppressing sheet Pat, and we are awaiting a delivery of wood chips to cover it over...

    The children were VERY ecited to see the extension on Monday morning!

    I can't wait to get in there with them and grow some more stuff....

  7. Sniff - I miss working with schools :-( This was always my busiest week of the year).

    Good luck with the woodchip spreading - I hope you're getting the children to help spread it and YOU WATCH YOUR BACK, says she in her stern teacher voice (the same she, who recently spent 100€ at the osteopath getting her back sorted!!). Take care,

    Rosie x

  8. your new area looks great. it all does! i keep adding on too. i hope you have a wonderful growing season! joyce

  9. It looks wonderful! The children are very lucky to have the opportunity to have such a fantastic garden!!
    Hope your back improves very soon!
    With Love, Jane xxx

  10. I said it before, what lucky children. This is just lovely. I will be following along to see how the garden does this year and what the children think of it later in the year.

    Great job. Pat the kids on the back, oh no wait, you did the work right? Pat yourself, or go for a massage....:)I do hope your back is feeling better soon.


  11. What a wonderful set-up for kids! Many of my students live in apartments or flats and cannot plant. Something like this would be wonderful for them.

  12. YeeHaw.. I came back to this post of yours to show my hubby that it is exactly what I want for my back yard garden.. every time that I mentioned wanting my garden in a raised bed he would object but after seeing your pictures he has agreed to make mine like these.. he even said he would use the wood from an old cedar fence that he is removing.. so it's going to be free too.. how neat is that?
    Crossing my fingers he fixes it for me real soon like :)


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