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Friday 15 March 2013

I think I must be getting hooked

on quilting...

Not only have I increased my fabric stash by a substantial amount recently ( a shop closing down in Ledbury :-(  had lots of fabric ends on offer as did a couple of the local charity shops)


but I have bought a couple of different quilting feet for my sewing maching from Ebay. They are actually really useful for general sewing as well ( thats my excuse, anyway!)

And I am still managing to crochet a square a day :-) I can do one in about an hour now AND watch TV  :-)


  1. You've been busy! I hope that you soon feel better. Jx

  2. Hi Jan

    Thanks :-) Today I am actually out of bed - still all achey and bunged up but at least I am Doing Things around the house, at least.

  3. Sorry I am smiling to myself. Quilting and indeed fabric buying, is totally addictive, but I only think about it on days with a "Y" in them.

  4. I am so hooked! I keep on eyeing up clothes to see if they might make decent quilting material when they are no longer an use as clothing!

    And I now have the charity shop ladies telling me about any new fabric deliveries!

  5. Thanks for replying on my blog - nice to meet you, I have been a quilter for years, and also a machine-embroiderer, but have recently retired from doing both - hands getting a bit arthritic. Now I mainly write and crochet - good for you doing a square a day - that was my intention by i often get side tracked by a good book. Still, I do find crochet very therapeutic. Do call again - I shall put you on my side bar - I like the look of your blog!Talk about coincidence - the code word today for your blog is E piece!

    1. I love crochet - it makes me feel much more happy than knitting - not sure why?

      E piece I love it! i often get code words which resonate with the blog I am commenting on :-)

  6. Quilting is such an awesome art! I wanted to drop by and say thank you for following my blog. It means so much! I hope you will come back to visit. I will be subscribing to you as well!


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