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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Quilt that got away from me ...

It got a bit bigger than I intended..I meant to make it as a table runner but...it is now a King Size topper!

And it does actually cover our bed. With enough to hang down the sides!

I have decided to make it a lightweight quilt, with a sheet as wadding and another as a backing because that way I can use it on a bed and wash it relatively easily. If I use even thinish cotton wadding it will take a long time to dry, and with the cats leaving dirty paddy paw prints on everything I need to be able to wash and dry stuff fairly easily. I do have a lovely quilt in the guest bedroom (where not cats are allowed!) and I knw how long that takes to dry, so this is a better way to make a quilt for our bed.

The materials are all old nightdresses or pajamas of mine and Compostmans, and sheets /pillowcases we had when we were first married in 1985. As they became worn out I stashed them away, waiting to use them for "something else".

A quilt for our bed seems appropriate I think :-)

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