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Sunday 17 March 2013

St Patrick Day and a seedy Sunday update

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all! I am a quarter Irish, half Welsh and the other quarter is a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and a tiny bit of Spainish ( a long way back but still a bit interesting)

As the English bit is from Cornwall, mostly,  I think I count as mainly Celtic? I look like a Celt, anyway and I always think of myself as Welsh/Irish

Anyway it gives me a reason to celebrate both St David and St Patrick's days :-)

My seeds are growing well - these are the tomato seedlings which I planted a few weeks ago, there are more, smaller ones in the heated propagators which were planted last week.

This is the Halloon I planted at the end of Febuary - it is like a spicy version of cress. Very tasty with Egg mayo on wholemeal bread!

 I stayed inside most of today and kept warm as my face is still very painful from the Sinusitis, but Compostman spent  a lot of time outside working to fix the Allen Scythe. He wants to use it to cut down some of the brush and overgrowth around where the pool used to be. As it has not been used for a couple of years it needed a bit of tlc.

The hens enjoyed hanging around near him, "just in case" anything he did produced some food. They like to stay near us and love being inside the barn/lean to.

Compostgirl is at a Guides Camp weekend near Cirencester - I hope she is having a good time! The weather yesterday (Sat) was pretty dreadful in the afternoon, apparently.


  1. I love the hens picture. They do hang around on the off chance of a worm. I had 3 girls but I got so stressed worrying that a fox would get them or one was picking on the other I he to rehome them. I do miss them though.

  2. Hi there

    I have sadly lost many many to the Foxes around here, so either I keep them locked up all the time orI let them out when we are around and accept they may be taken by the fox ( all our fox atacks have been in the middle of the day when we were around)

    I have gone for letting the hens have freedom and accept they may get killed by a passing fox. A hard choice but at least the hens are happy (up to the point they get killed.)and with ex battery hens I think freedom is a better option!


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