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Thursday 5 September 2013

Decluttering and selling stuff

Last month, as part of my mission to declutter the place, I went through my wardrobe. I realised I hadn't worn most of the clothes in it for at least 2 years, if not longer. And the rest got worn all the time, in rotation.

 A lot of the (now) unworn clothes either
  1. no longer fit me or
  2. no longer appeal to me or
  3. no longer are suitable to my lifestyle (a number of smart suits - I only need one or two for funerals and smart meetings - not more!)
  4. are in materials which I can no longer wear (mainly poly/cotton mixes and some all wool tops)
or a combination of all the above!

I used to attend lots of balls and award dinners every year but have not done so for 15 years - so lots of posh frocks have been taking up space since then, beautiful, but unworn. To be truthful I can't remember the last time I wore a dress - 8 years ago? I just don't ever dress up like that any more.

So - I had a ruthless clear out and lots of the items in my wardrobe have now gone to be sold or to the charity shop.

And as we have now moved into the new bedroom I have had to transfer a lot of stuff into there which gave me the chance to declutter some more.

Four bags later!  I have a lot more space and a set of clothes which I can wear for tidy trips out and all my garden/hen clothes ( ie everyday wear) are in two drawers rather than scattered in several places.

Much easier to work out what I want to wear, now!


  1. I recently went through my wardrobe, was pleased to find some old friends I'd forgotten, but most of what I've removed is because it's too big. I still like them, they're in good condition - my quandary is whether to dispose of them or see if I can get them altered. So at present they're on the spare room bed while I think about it.

    1. Thinking is good - I tend to spend many weeks mulling over losing clothes.

  2. I am always de-cluttering my wardrobe - trying to minimize down to a 'capsule' set of clothes. Trouble is, with our climate, you need so many variations on a theme to wear for every season. I still have far too much even after regular de-cluttering, I guess you just have to be ruthless.

    1. I also find I weigh up the memories associated with the clothes as well.

  3. I've just been writing about the same thing. I 'dribble' things on Ebay when I can be bothered sitting and listing, after taking photos. It's easier having a capsule wardrobe if you are at work, with a combination of skirts, tops and jackets, than it is when you're retired like me, and don't get to wear posh frocks other than a Preston Guild.

    1. I know - its much harder when nearly all the clothes need to be tough, outdoor work clothes and just a few tidy/posh items as well.


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