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Wednesday 25 July 2012

A busy day in the garden

A very busy and hot day in the garden - the composting area needed a lot of work doing as I have managed to mow the lawn , but not fill up the compost bins.

So Compostman and I got to work after breakfast and morning routine chores, while it was still relatively cool outside.

I had several bins needing the compost digging out and storing before I could refill the bins.

As always, we had henny helpers!

Compostgirl helped a lot, but then sat down in the shade,  to read for a bit.

Several of the wooden bins need replacements planks and uprights - a job for another day as I will have to remove 4 bins worth of compostable materials to get to the rotten ones and it was far too hot to do that today! Still, an advantage of the Recycle Works wooden modular bins is that you can just replace the individual boards and uprights as needed, and these are at least 7 years old so have lasted very well, considering that they have been buried in decomposing compostables!

Much tidier! And a bag full of finished compost to add to the collection.

While moving assorted mats, buckets etc around in one of the leaf mold bins I came across a pair of Wood mice.

One ran away down onto the ground...

While the other ran up the side of the compost bin

on to the top... and away. I felt sad I had disturbed them, but there were no young in the nest so hopefully no harm was done.

We also identified our mystery visitor to the bird table, a Nuthatch. Well a pair, actually but only the one came to the feeder today.

It took nuts away, so I don't know if there are still chicks in the nest somewhere in the wood. We have been hearing the call of a Nuthatch in the wood for a few weeks, so maybe there is a late nest somewhere? I hope so.

I finally went into Hell's Sauna (aka the Polytunnel) to water the ground in an attempt to cool it down in there - NOT a pleasant experience - I was wringing wet with sweat afterwards and had to have a cool shower to recover - far too hot to do anything in there after about 10 am! I am watering in the evening just before it gets too dark to do so. Harvest is good from inside it, though - loads of lovely tomatoes now and the peppers and cucumbers are looking very good.

Thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. Oh I agree to be in a polytunnel after 10am on a sunny July day could almost be described as madness, unless it was part of a sauna ritual I guess.

    Even with the greenhouse it gets attended to first thing in the morning and then last thing at night. No loitering in there for me, if I need to replant something it's in and grab, and out again.

    I still miss my tunnel though and it and an Aga are the first things I will buy for our forever home!

    Lots of lovely compost reorganisation going on for you today then. Looks good.

    Sue xx

  2. Those little wood mice are just lovely - like something straight out of a Beatrix Potter drawing!

  3. Hi Sue and Julia :-)

    It was unbearable in the polytunnel and today Ian has arranged a fan to blow cooler outside air into the PT all day - the pv's are generating the electricity so I feel no guilt :-)

    The wood mice are so cute! we get them and yellow necked mice inside occasionally - they do not wee all the time, unlike house mice, so are ok as occasional visitors. I love them!


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