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Friday 13 July 2012

Random photos from Compost Mansion

I have been away from Compost Mansion for 12 hours, today  - I have been to a wonderful, wonderful Organic Garden , listened to a fabulous talk from the Queen of organic herbs, eaten a wonderful lunch, met a fellow blogger in person, seen the most wonderful organic flower garden, guided by a head gardener whose job I SO envy! And coveted the most wonderous composting yard EVER.

I will post about it later on this weekend, but for now am too tired after a nightmare journey home (M5,  accidents, rain, diversions, M50 closure, more rain, floods etc) so here are a few photos and musings from yesterday in the garden.

Hen invasion!

Delivery from Natural Collection
Tea, Washing up liquid, Dishwasher tablets, Tinned tomatoes, Faith in Nature Shampoo, Rice cakes, Falafel mix, and free chocolate!

Flowers in my garden

Lots more to come! Lifting the pathetic early spuds, silly hen activity, sunshine!!! (I know - what's that?)


  1. Sometimes pictures do say it all. Thank you.

  2. Oh Tpals, if you could have smelled that rose! it is SO wonderful!

    and the hens invasion! They keep on coming in! Every tme I open the door they are there! Babs has actually got inside 4 rooms and a hallway and started up stairs!!!

  3. Hope you are not too stressed - the hen invasion is just hilarious - thank you for sharing - I go to bed chuckling xx

  4. It was lovely to meet you in person yesterday, you're every bit as lovely as I suspected you would be,.

    Glad you enjoyed the tour, it is a wonderful garden isn't it, and yes, I envy their composting section too. Maybe one day I'll have one similar or maybe a tadge smaller myself... I can dream!

    Sorry to hear your journey home was so bad. Relax now and enjoy the weekend, who knows we may see a bit of sunshine, if we don't you can always crack open the bottle!!

    Sue xx

  5. It was lovely to meet you in person as well Sue (and your LH!)

    Yes very tempted to open bottle last night!

  6. just found your blog LOVING IT!


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