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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Punk hens

 I have some VERY disgusted hens at the moment. They do NOT like being sprayed with Purple Spray. But I do not like them with pecked feathers - or pecked skin - so purple spray it is, to stop which even naughty hen is doing the pecking

 Poor Titch is still bald.

 Babs has some nasty peck marks on her poor head.

I strongly suspect Tiny Hen ...she has no pecked feathers now at all and has become top hen of the ex barn girls, despite being so tiny and recently so poorly.

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  1. We raise Russian Orloffs, and they are feather eaters. They don't peck, but they pull each others feathers out. I've tried purple spray and pepper spray and all manner of things and it doesn't slow them down. All the other breeds are just fine and they only eat their own and each other's feathers. I find pecking and feather eating to be extremely ODD chicken behavior!


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