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Monday 2 June 2008

What is eating my spuds??

Hmm..I have lots of gaps in some of the rows of spuds.

Curiously the Verity I planted a few days before, and a few days after , are fine...
but THESE 2 rows of Verity and a row of King Edward are a bit of a mess.

I have established ( by dint of digging them up!) that the spuds which haven't grown have just failed to grow, gone rotten and are smothered with eelworm...I have replaced (in a slightly different place!) the failures with new seed potatoes, but I am a bit pessimistic that this will be ok.

Still the Onions are looking good now after all that rain!

Fingers crossed for the rest of the crops.


  1. Are you growing onions through plastic sheeting? I never thought of that and have just spent a LOT of time weeding. Don't they need sunshine on the bulbs to ripen and swell?

  2. Yes, we do this every year and it works well. The bulbs seem to grow quite happily and it cuts down on weeds.


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