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Sunday 4 July 2010

Fox attack - again!

We had a bit of a fraught day here yesterday...Compostman and I are a bit unwell, just a virus thing, shivery, tired, shaky sort of stuff...but we still decided to jointly clean all the (filthy) windows, him outside, me inside....as they have been annoying the heck out of both of us for a number of weeks...

24 windows later we were a bit shattered....so had a rest and then lunch.

In the late afternoon Compostman  went out to plant more leeks, while I carried on with a major decluttering job in the guest bedroom AKA the dumping ground....as we are getting ready to clear it out for new floor, dry line the walls, a new window and  redecorate etc....it needs clearing out!

THEN I heard a shout of "FOX" so I ran outside, to be met by Compostman carrying Coriander hen, who looked like she was about to pop her clogs....(that means die, in case anyone wonders!)

He had seen the fox appear, by the bit of garden he was in, ( at 4 pm in the afternoon!) and snatch her...the hens had JUST been let out of their secure run to free range, because he was in the garden and close by...!

Fox went off into the wood with Coriander in its jaws, so Compostman gave chase into the wood, whereupon Fox dropped Coriander and legged it....

All the other hens were OK ( phew...) as Compostman had the presence of mind to shoo them all into the Mega Hen Pen and lock them in. Coriander had a wound and was in shock I think, so I dressed the wound and put her and Cumin ( her fellow escapee from the commercial flock) into the Eglu for her to recover quietly overnight in the company of a friend....
Coriander and Cumin (ginger hens) with Lavender hen ( the grey hen)

Coriander was still alive and looked quite perky this morning, but was moving rather stiffly.

And thank heavens for the mega hen pen walk in run! Built by Compostman for my birthday in April, it means this time I was able to keep all the girls shut in and they still had room to roam. I gave them a load more wood chippings from the pile this afternoon and they were very excited to furtle around looking for worms and bugs.

Compostman...my hero oh so many times over!
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