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Saturday 3 July 2010

View over the veg plot.


This is a busy, productive time of year, with the harvest season fast approaching. 

Time to get out the dehydrator, and clear out the freezers of the remains of last years fruit and veg. I shall make soup I think with the veg and fruit crumble or maybe wine with the old fruit!

I am now harvesting new potatoes, broad beans, chard, salads of all sorts, herbs, carrots, courgettes, peas and mange tout, the first of the french beans today and lots of cucumbers. The tomatoes outside ( left over plants , not sold or given away, which I could not bear to throw on the compost!) are also doing really well. Which is a first for me as outdoor toms have never done well, here.

The climbing beans have finally got going, the leeks , parsnips and onions are looking good and I should be lifting the garlic and shallots any day now.

Apples, pears and plum trees are all covered with fruit and we have just started picking the tayberries - yum!

All in all, it is looking good so far, so fingers crossed we have some rain ( but not too much) and sunshine!

How is it with you, all?


  1. You are always so far ahead of us! My cucumbers and courgettes are just blossoming now. It's gotten too hot for lettuce and spinach but the peas are in full production.

  2. Most has recovered from the frost though my poor runner beans never had a chance between slugs and birds! Oh well, I've got netting now, so next year will be better! Third-time-lucky peas are starting to set flowers so hopefully peas will eventually catch up, and my emergency winter squash (planted thankfully when I had a 'frost scare' moment before the big frost in April) are starting to set flowers as well. Strawberries nearly done, it will be raspberries soon, all the root veg doing very well indeed, and the toms I think will do me proud this year. So yep, all doing decent enough but room for improvement next year!

  3. Just catching up on my blog reading and I must say things are looking particularly good at compost mansion.
    Very impressed with your electricity figures, I'll be interested to see how much you generate throughout the year.
    The garden looks good too. I am harvesting broad beans, peas, chard and courgettes but something (bird/human?) has taken all the gooseberries from mine and all the neighbouring allotment plots - a mystery!

  4. ARe those big leeks on the left of the picture? I planted mine in Spring and they're barely a pinky wide?

  5. Best time of year this, when all our hard work pays off! Jealous of your polytunnel and pvs!


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