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Tuesday 1 January 2008

New Year!!

I sort of think , on Jan 1st, that I SHOULD make some resolutions....so here goes...

I will try to be more rigorous in my "Buy nothing" campaign...sourcing second hand, charity shop or Freecycle for items if at all possible. I have done this in 2007 but I want to do it even more in 2008!!

I want to reduce the amount of seeds I buy, by saving or bartering even more.

I would LIKE to lose some weight!! (but am too fond of food and too weak willed I suspect...)

I want to make more soaps, cosmetics, wine, jam, chutney etc etc in 2008 and try to sell some of my homemade produce..( or better still barter it for things I would otherwise have to purchase with money...)

I want to improve my ( not very good) health. Some of my ill health is not under my control, I have ME/CFS and my immune system is a bit iffy, BUT I could do more to help myself ( like going to bed earlier or trying to be less stressed out by "stuff".)

Hmmm what else could I have??? Will have to have another think!!

Anyway, a very Happy New Year to anyone who drops by to read my random mutterings !


  1. If you're open to hypnosis, Paul McKenna's book I Can Make You Thin is quite good. The basic premise is that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you're aware of what you're eating. And appreciate it.

    I've been doing it for a couple of weeks and I've noticed a change in my eating habits already.

    Thanks for the link, BTW. :)

  2. Thanks for that Solomon!! and I lik your blog...thats another new year resolution...to be more rigorous in updating my blog!!!!


  3. Its quite a good system only Ive never got round to buying it, just a bit too expensive but I too need to lose weight for all sorts of health reasons so maybe I will check it out too.

    Happy New Year by the way CW xx

  4. Hello :) I wandered here via Creative Living Forum and GreentwinsMummy's blog. :) I'm Mara :)

    Some of your resolutions sound very like my own. I am going to try and do more to not buy first hand goods. I usually buy from charity shops or get things from freecycle - my biggest success there was a Welsh Dresser!!! However, I want to do better this year, too. I also want to make more; I've just taken up knitting which i'm enjoying, although I'm still at the stage where just about everything seems complicated.

    I also have post viral fatigue which at the moment is pretty good and I can do quite a lot with my days as long as I have a good rest in between times. I've been eating wheat recently though which is a trigger so I am determined to try and cut that out as much as possible.

    Anyway a Happy new Year to you too, and I hope you don't mind me wandering by and blabbing away like I have! :)

  5. Hi Mara Luna ( great name btw!)
    Feel free to wander in when ever you like!!

    If you leave your blog link I will come and have a look!!

  6. Hello :)

    I have a green blog here - a_greener_life.livejournal.com which my husband started and we are doing together. I also just started this blog here on blogger - lightandslow.blogspot.com

    The latter I have just started and I'm thinking it will be somewhere to take my anti-consumeristic tendencies. I want to try and buy as little as possible new this year and I'll try and record my progress here.

    Mara :)


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