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Wednesday 9 January 2008

A (quite) busy day.....

Well today has been a moderately busy day here at Compost Mansions.

We all got a very nasty flu type virus the weekend before Christmas...and it lasted over 2 weeks and rather spoilt the holiday season for us. I and Mr cw are getting better at last and can do stuff again....DD is STILL all wan and wobbly and is still off school!!

But today I FINALLY went out and did some jobs which have been awaiting my attention for a week or more, I have been out in the freezing cold outside doing stuff in the garden and Polytunnel! And have sorted out the hens....their Eglu run now has a thick layer of leaf mold and bark chips over the top of the weldmesh, I cleaned the Eglu out , changed the roosting bars ( I have 2 sets so one is in the wash, so to speak)....and I dumped a wheelbarrow of bark chips from the last tree we cut down on the veg patch for the hens to spread around for me...they LOVED IT :)

I also cleaned out the Guinea Pigs hutch and gave them a cuddle..( well they can't go outside in the run as its too cold, and I felt sorry for them)

In between all this I entertained compostgirl, who is improving fast and looks much better..but is still pale and tired and wobbly...we will keep her off school until we have a day of normal eating, playing, behaviour etc...as this virus has REALLY knocked her for six!!

I had to laugh today !! When I asked mr cw why he hadn't given me a cuddle his reply was

" well you have been either dripping wet with rain and/or covered in dirt all day!"

and I realised he was right!! When I was in middle of putting more chips and leaf mold in the hen run, the heavens opened on me...I was already wet so carried on, and then one of the hens came and sat on my knee....all mucky and dirty.... still they were very happy with the new pile of stuff to furtle around in!!

So I have changed my clothes and cleaned up a bit...and am just going to watch the third instalment of HF-W "Chicken Run" on C4 , with pasta and some wine. Expect there will be something in it to make me shout at the TV ; )

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  1. Sounds like a productive day. Hope you got a cuddle in the end!


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