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Saturday 5 January 2013

MORE spammer woes!

I am really sorry but I am now going to have to turn on the full set of comment moderation tools -

I used to get the odd spam comment slipping through Blogger's spam filter, a few a day to my inbox, which I found acceptable. Recently I have been getting 100s of spam emails to moderate - which is just too many for me to tolerate! I also have to go through all the rubbish email comments to find your good ones, which takes ages.

I added word verification yesterday but it did not stop the problem  so I will have to turn off the "anyone can comment" feature.

Many apologies if it annoys you - I did not want to take this measure, but have no choice.

Please keep on commenting :-)

Update - I used to get a few posts as the target for spam - for some reason the spammers LOVED any post about Spike the Hedgehog, or about me training as a Fire Marshal??

But in the last few weeks I have had hundreds of spam comments on lots recent posts - lots of porn sites and lots of Ugg boot/gowns/viagra/watches etc.

I don't want to just delete the lot as then I lose your valuable "real" comments, which I treasure - so for the moment this is all I can do to try to stop the flow of garbage posts.

I have also complained to Blogger...( don't hold your breath, though!)


  1. When I read over my "chosen blogs", there's a few times where it will tell me that the blog is not available due to something that my computer's safety check considers harmful. Any thoughts?

  2. CW, you must be too popular. ;)

  3. Debbie - I have no idea what is going on with your blog list - but I hope my site is not one of the " problem" ones?

    Tpals - that kind of popular, I can do without...

    Thanks for commenting, both ;-)

  4. I've been having a similar problem. It hasn't got to the annoying stage that you're experiencing just yet but I'm getting some weird spam on weird topics, some of it doesn't even make sense lol.

    Good luck with wordpress. i suspect blogger will lose many more blogs if they don't upgrade their comment moderation.



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