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Saturday 19 January 2013

Snowy Saturday at Compost Mansions

Day two of the snow and the hens are STILL disgusted by it all and won't come out of their run - which is fine by me as I don't want to have to worry about where they are, out in the snow!

I opened the run door and brave Titch stepped into the strange white stuff - of my seven hens only Nutmeg has ever seen snow before - the others were either still inside the polytunnel when it last snowed here ( Feb 2012) or were still in prison in the cages.

She was followed by Babs and Tiny hen but they only stepped out a few inches then went back inside.

Titch ventured a bit further - about 12 inches out of the run door and then climbed up onto the feeder.

But she decided she, too, did not like this strange, cold, white stuff and so she turned tail and went back inside the cosy hen run.

They have had lots of corn and mealworms and warm mash made of pellets, so I hope they are reasonably content.

We have had lots of hot drinks and apart from outside essential jobs we have been sitting by the woodburner keeping nice and warm :-) and reading and crafting.

Hope you are all ok, wherever you are.


  1. Same here with my hens, apart from the Buff Orpingtons, who are up to their bits and bobs in snow. They have parked themselves under the bird table where they get plenty of seed falling from the birds. The sparrows in particular are very messy eaters!
    We reckon we had between 4 and 5 inches of snow here. I've just spent a couple of hours tidying under the stairs, which serves as a sort of pantry. Crikey, I'm a poor housekeeper! What a mess.
    Now going to settle down to a bit of sewing.

  2. My hens never liked snow either - do you reckon it's cos they don't like cold feet - they are such woosies.

  3. We had a couple of inches of snow overnight but over the day it mostly melted away.My hens don't seem to mind it at all but the silky cockerel is a wuss and skirts around under the conifer hedging to avoid standing on it, yet if it rains he is happy to stand out in it all day.

  4. Hello ,all :-)

    Hens ventured out today and sat grumbling in the barn for an hour, then went back inside the mega Hen Pen and sulked :-)


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