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Thursday 31 January 2013

Quilting - update!

I have been cutting up lots of saved up cotton clothes  - mostly from Compostgirl - not good enough to gift or charity shop but too good for rags, so ideal for quilting.

I now have a rotary cutter, a much larger self healing cutting mat ( I only has an A4 one, before - now I have an A2 mat) and a really useful cutting template ruler, as well as a really nice quilting book

All courtesy of my lovely Husband Compostman - who gave me these as a Christmas gift :-)

Added to the existing metal rule I already had, plus the sewing machine and assorted stuff I use on a regular basis and I am all ready to go.

Now - what project shall I do, first :-)

A quilt, a cushion, a table runner?

Any ideas?

I am a confident machine and hand sewer. (I think)


  1. Hi Compostwoman

    I saw a link to this earlier on and I thought I would quite like to have a go at this one at some point although a king sized version. Think it would be very cozy.


    Hope you are keeping well


  2. Hi Pattypan :-)

    That looks interesting and thank you for the link.

    I think I will probably make a single quilt for Compost girl - as it is mainly her old clothes I am using - lol!

    Might make a bubble one though - I have enought fabric in stock to do it

    Thanks, again

  3. definitely something small. I think we all get excited and fall into the trap of starting a big quilt and fail to complete it.
    Either a table runner or cushion to begin with. You can make something bigger as you get your confidence.

    Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Hi Kath :-)

    I have made a few very simple quilts before - with blanket backing and no wadding. I have not tried the tiny bits of fabric quilts though - yet!

    I think I will make a cushion for Compostgirl , as the fabrics are her old clothes it seems suitable!

    Also I am making a crochet patchwork design quilt for her room, so a cusion would be good as well :-)


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