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Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year - hopefully a lot better?

A very Happy New Year to all of you :-)

I am sitting here at the desktop computer, listening to Santana on the mp3 player on my new phone, in a curiously ( unnervingly?) tidy Study. Today is the first day of 2013 and I have been decluttering and tidying...

The Study had become  a shameful dumping ground for junk and rubbish over the last month, and I also wanted to sort out the Tardis (a cupboard, where I keep a lot of crafting and work supplies - some of which now have other places to live -  mainly on my large crafting shelf or in the various plastic stacking boxes which hold bulk supplies of wool, yarn, fabric etc)

so today I was ruthless- lots of stuff went into the recycling bin ( when they finally make a collection here, been three weeks now - just don't ask!)  and lots more for the charity shop and rag bank. Nothing added to the landfill bin, which was pleasing.

We are also about to embark on the major refurbishment of yet another room ( yes, yes, I know, but there are only two left to do!) - more of the same (internal insulation, new floor, complete redecoration etc)  so all the contents have to come out and be found homes somewhere (!) - most of the stuff has gone into the loft, but as the guest bedroom gets used as a bit of a storage place there was a lot of stuff which needed to be moved somewhere else!

I also have started on a major clear out of my wardrobe - not quite the project 333 challenge, but not far off it! So lots of items have also made their way into the charity shop bag. Some have been earmarked for turning into crochet yarn, for another rug project.

I have spent a few enjoyable hours getting my new android phone sorted out - am very impressed with the features on it and can't help comparing it to the early computers I used at work many years (30 plus!)  ago - which probably had a 1000th of the computing power and cost many 100 times more...!

Guess this is old age finally catching up on me!

What did you do for New Year Day?


  1. Hello ! Just found your blog. I too am a member of UK Veg Gardeners, but haven't been a very active member so far.
    I spent new years day de-cluttering too. Kitchen draws and sewing/spare room. Have taken photographs of before and after, but haven't worked out how to put then photos on my blog!
    Today I shall be cleaning my propagators and our smaller greenhouse in readiness for the early tomatoes and onions.
    A Happy and productive New Year to you

  2. It's going on all around isn't it this de-cluttering lark, I only hope that folk follow your example and don't just send things to landfill.

    There really is something completely liberating at creating space and letting things go.

    Sue xx

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, Sarah. I hope it will be a healthy and prosperous one for you.

    I've been at the decluttering, to, and have some way to go there, so will be having another go at it tomorrow.


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