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Thursday 18 September 2008

Thursday tidyup!

I got up early this morning after a relatively good night sleep. I have been sleeping quite badly for the last week, it started the night Compostman AND Compostgirl were away last wednesday, and , even tho' I am very tired by the end of the day at the moment, I am sleeping poorly.

SO it was a blessing to wake up feeling somewhat refreshed today!

I took Compostgirl to school, reminded her I would see her for the first of the new term's Eco club at home time, and then came home.

Since then I have done 2 loads of washing, cleaned out all three Hen houses completely, cleaned out and washed 2 cat litter trays, composted all the stuff the clean outs generated, checked the veg plot for various produce ( beans and courgettes are stilll going strong but the swetcorn although it looks ready, is still under ripe....)

then came in and vaccumed the kitchen and various utility rooms, tidied up in the kitchen ( so I can actually SEE the bench tops!) put away/recycled/filed all the stuff which WAS on the worktops, played with the cats, wiped down all the work surfaces, and dried a load of herbs.

oh, and watched the chick antics for a bit and admired the fine day we are having at the moment!

PHEW! am now sitting down with a cuppa while I post this update, wondering what to do for lunch , before I get my stuff ready for Eco club this afternoon.

Any ideas, anyone?


  1. Just curious, what do you do with the waste from the cat litter boxes?

  2. Hello Jennifer

    I remove the solids ( feces/poo) and flush those down our sewerage system.

    The rest is just wee, and I only use either recycled paper product litter OR wood pellets....organic stuff I use for the hens as well

    so I can compost all that ...I put it in a bin which is a very hot composting bin and I am careful where I use the resultant compost though, just in case.....

  3. Hi there, could you please post about the Eco Club that happens after school? How did that come about and do you think the families of the children who attend do things differently?

    I am very interested... I believe in what I refer to as reverse education, children teaching the parents.

  4. What about natural rainbows for Eco club? There are pictures of some on my blog (17th Sept)and if you are interested I can let you know how to make them. I ran an Eco-club at a school a few years ago and can try and remember what I did if you are interested. What age(s) are the children and how many do you have?


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  6. Sorry I guys I think I caused some confusion with my post.....

    I was wondering what to have for lunch! not what to do at that afternoon's Eco club!

    Although all ideas are welcome, as they get the creative juices flowing and I can always be taught something new....

    so thanks....I shall go and look at the rainbow idea!


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