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Monday 29 September 2008

New phone

I went into Hereford on Saturday..I was meant to be being "Compostwoman" on the recycling bus in High Town BUT I got delayed by a tractor and trailer losing its load on my lane so was too late....

apart from the other stuff I needed to do, I also went into my mobile phone provider shop, to look at phones. There was much merriment on the part of the assistants (!) in the shop when they realised I had STILL got the phone I bought from them 6 years ago.................and it still worked!

I bought a newer phone because my old handset is getting a bit unreliable and I NEED a phone I can rely on, working, when I am doing Forest School stuff in the woods with children..otherwise I would NOT have bothered to change my phone!

I settled for a £29 model, it is a rugged, water resistant model, it has a camera AND it makes calls (!) and I have given my old phone to Compostman ( who had never yet had one.....)

the sales person was obviously disappointed I didn't want the "bells and whistles " phones BUT I made it clear I ONLY wanted something to make calls on, rather than something I would carry around welded to my ...................(!)

I have a good camera, an MP3 player.....Why TF would I want to pay extra to have these incorporated ( at a lower spec ) into my phone, is beyond me...............

I guess I AM a Luddite, after all..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. When I had to have a new phone, the dearly beloved was under strict instructions to find me the simplest one possible! He managed it but I'm wondering how "simple" my next one will actually be ~ here's hoping the one I currently have lasts a very long time lol

  2. I can't actually unlock the new one...............

  3. Ah...have worked out what to do...and its actually a lot easier and more intuitive than my old phone...so thats good!

  4. Ah, fellow luddite...I don't even own a cell phone.

  5. Hi Howling duck ranch!

    I hate the wretched things with a passion but increasingly there are no call boxes around in the more rural areas AND I do Forest School /Environmental education stuff in more remote areas so a cell phone is a must....

    I don't like them though and very rarely use it.

  6. We went mobile-free when we moved to France mainly because on "pay as you go" systems they take your credit back after a very short period and we hardly ever made enough calls so ended up losing money. It took us a while to get used to not having one and I do worry a little when driving alone. But overall I much prefer not having one or spending so much time looking for the darn thing!!

    Rosie x

  7. I WISH I could not have one...I see folk with them clamped to their ears and wonder "why" ?

    Luddite! Me !

  8. You weren't on the compost bus yesterday in Leominster, were you?

  9. Hello John, a local person!

    No..yesterday I was busy doing a Forest School session and then Eco Club, so could not be in Leominster as well!

    Even *I* can't do that! ;-))

    Did you find the Bus useful and/or helpful?

  10. I didn't actually stop at the bus. There were a decent number of people around it, talking to the composters. They were having a bit of a bad time with the high winds though, which kept blowing everything over!

    We've pretty much got our compost bins sorted out now - have two big wooden slatted ones and 3 black plastic ones. Unfortunately, the last people here had filled the black ones with leaves which were just a dry mass, so I have tipped them out, mixed in some manure and watered them well before refilling.

  11. Sounds a good idea.....some high nitrogen liquid ( aka wee) would help speed up the process , also!

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