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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Hmm where has the week ( and September!) gone?

Hmm where has the week ( and September!) gone?

It hardly seems a few days since I posted a Mabon related post....(!)

I have been very busy preparing for my second Forest School session as Leader with Year 1 children from my local Primary School...the first session was SUCH fun! We played hiding games in the copse and made wood cookies...slices of wood ( from our wood at home...Cherry actually!) which the children decorated and hung around their necks, learning to tie a reef knot in the process.... :-)) I LOVE doing this sort of thing with children, showing them how they can learn to do things outdoors, helping them to learn about the wonders of our beautiful world..... :-))))

Unfortunately, however, I have aggrevated a longstanding back injury and have been considerably incapacitated all this week, JUST when I need to be at my most efficient and busy, harvesting, preserving and generally preparing everything for the soon to come winter months! I guess moving bedroom furniture around was NOT the brightest idea I have had recently.....( roll eyes...)

Compostman is much improved after his operation BUT still has 3 weeks minimum before he can go back to anything like "normal" levels of a activity/lifting etc. So I am still on "lifting stuff " duty, however much he protests I am *NOT* letting him undo all the good the operation will eventually do him, by letting him lift stuff before he should.

At the moment we are picking the apples and it means *I* am having to do all the lifting of the full big baskets of apples we have just picked..ow ow ow my aching back!

Ah well....I can rest in a few weeks time as by then the apples will have been stored ( if blemish free), turned into chutney, cider, dried or eaten and any left will be on the ground and the Hens will be eating them ( they LOVE Apples!)

Its all go here at this time of year!

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  1. Ohhh dear that poor back.. I know only too well how that feels!!
    It certainly is a busy time of the year and with much to do in the garden my OH has taken a week off work so that we can get on top of all of those gardening things that need to be done, beside other outdoor tasks... we have not had a good gardening year with all the rain etc .. we have a lot of unfinished garden projects that also need completion.
    But if the weather should take a turn for the worst (and knowing our luck it will!!) I do have quite a few jobs lined up indoors.. their is no escape!!!! (Oh was that my OH disappearing into the garden shed...)

    Hope your back improves soon...

    Jane xxx


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