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Wednesday 5 November 2008

Hail to the (new, better) Chief

After all the awful things which have been done in the name of the peoples of the US of A ( Iraq, Rendition, Guantanamo Bay etc etc ) I am SO pleased that they have had the vision and courage to elect someone as their President who is prepared to make a difference.

US of America...I applaud you for electing Barak Obama as your next President. I must admit I was praying for this to happen yesterday!

We have heard a lot on the issue of his being the first BLACK President.

I have many friends of "mixed" race and of " ethnic" origins..(oh how I hate those words....BYKWIM) and and I have seen at first hand the everyday, petty, routine, spite, disdain and insult they had to endure, and been told about other stuff they had to endure EVERY day of their lives...and that is in the UK, a so called multi racial society, where we have laws to supposedly prevent that sort of crap happening...

I was born in 1962, so within my lifetime black people in the US of A couldn't vote...or were abused or killed for trying to exercise their legal rights...and UK people had similarly been abused and suffered JUST because of the colour of their skin...

I must say I have some issues with the "First Black President " bit we keep on hearing today in all the media. Obviously I know he IS the First Black President.....but I view him as a man..who has been elected as President...who is ALSO black...

Maybe thats just me being picky about language and its usage, I don't really know?

BUT setting aside that minor point of mine, as a white, celtic UK person I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulties he has had to face because of his colour and race, even though he is both educated, intellegent and articulate.

and as a result of this and his mixed background ( both ethnic, religous and colour) I feel he will be a really shining hope for the US of A's future dealings with the World

I am also encouraged by his pronouncements on Global Warming and Climate Change and his acceptance of such matters as REAL...and I understand he has plans to seriously increase the use of renewables in the US of A?

Added to his opposition to the War in Iraq and I am already a happier global citizen.... :-))

President- elect Barak Obama, I raise a glass to your term in office. May it be as good as you promised it would be!


  1. Here! Here!! and I will also raise a glass to your post!! Very well written!!!!!
    Jane xxx

  2. A friend was pondering why the rest of the world is so happy that Obabma was elected. Well, the rest of the world is already on board with global concerns and working to make changes. They were frustrated that our nation wasn't taking action with them and instead attacked a country for so-called WMDs that never existed. I was really worried what action might be taken against us if McCain won.

    I am happy too with the results. :)

  3. Thanks Jane for the compliment :-))

    hot belly mama THANK YOU! I do appreciate a comment from someone in the US of A who is actually part of what has happened...and you are absolutely right as to why we are all so interested.......outside of the US of A
    and it is really good to hear your views...and that you appreciate just WHY we over here are so excited....

    I read Rhonda Jean's blog today and was quite shocked at the level of vitriol which was posted about Obama getting elected :-(

    Thank you for your post :-)

  4. As a citizen of the US and specifically a resident of a southern state, I felt the same way as you, Compostwoman. Barack Obama was a man first and foremost. I really resented the "pedigree" given the spotlight by media.

  5. Thank you Elaine for your comment. I am glad my thoughts were taken in the spirit they were meant!

    It is very hard , when commenting on another countries leader, to strike the "right" balance...it's none of my business, after all BUT at the same time, as a citizen of the world, it IS...

    And welcome to my blog btw :-) Thank you for commenting


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