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Tuesday 11 November 2008

Oh dear......poor old Kitty Cat

Oh dear...

Our oldest puss, the very lovely, gentle giant, Kitty Cat, has been getting a bit thinner recently...he is (at least) 16 ......and he has become totally deaf in the last year, but with no obvious medical cause we have just rather sadly put it all down to him getting older, as happens to us all eventually.

and then Compostman noticed on Sunday that Kitty's wee had blood in it :-((

so Compostman took Kitty to our lovely vet Martin, who took a blood sample and checked him over and...he has a kidney problem..a SERIOUS kidney problem.....

Oh dear...we have to try to get a tablet down Kitty every evening...and that is a REALLY hard thing to do as Kitty is a HUGE cat ( even now, after losing lots of weight) , and although he is VERY gentle, does NOT suffer any "messing with" gladly.... :-(

One of the worst things, apart from Kitty Cat being ill, of course, is that I feel a sense of Deja Vu...I really do hope this is NOT like the stuff we had to cope with last year, with beloved Monty puss.....where we ended up having to give the poor fellow all sorts of stuff, which may well have helped him stay alive BUT which made him ( and us!) utterly miserable in the process.

Kitty is an outdoor puss, not used to being messed around, so the chances of us getting him to take regular medication in his food is zilch...we MIGHT get away with giving him one tablet a day, in a ball of cheese ( his favourite food!) but the idea of sprinkling powder on his food etc is just NOT do-able with Kitty Cat..he HUNTS his meat, not gets it out of a can!!

Oh dear, I DO hope he is just "fixed" with a tablet a day..in a ball of cheese....as anything more would just NOT be possible with Kitty Cat....


Sorry...it all seems a bit gloomy round here at the moment......what with Tabitha and her continued toilet issues, Compostgirl, and me still being unwell......



  1. Oh dear.. oh dear.. you do seem to be having a hard time of things. I do hope you manage to cope with Kitty Cats medication and it does the trick... I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    My cat Bootsie is a little horror when it comes to taking tablets. Bootsie hates anything near his mouth and thankfully the flea and worm treatment he has can be administered via pipettes on the back of the neck. Boots had his tongue partially ripped out after an horrific cat fight and after a very expensive operation and a very clever vet, the tongue was thankfully sewn back into place... but ever since I cannot get near Bootsies mouth to give him tablets, not surprising after what he has been through, so I can really sympathise with your difficulties with Kitty Cat. Kitty Cat sounds a really lovable character... and aside the tablet administering I can imagine you are worrying a great deal about Kitty Cats health. I do so hope this medication works and you do not have to face any further treatments.. please let us know how things go..
    Again, will be thinking of you and Kitty Cat!!
    Love Jane xxx

  2. Something strange happening with blogger? as I posted this post a few days ago? but it only appeared tonight? I must have done something wrong I guess...

    Kitty, so far, is taking his tablet in a ball of cheese and is fine about it..( fingers crossed!)

    He is looking a little better and is still being a nice, kind, big cuddly puss....and not upset with us at all for messing with him...so thats a relief!

    he goes back to see Martin the Vet in a week...for another blood test, to see if things have stabilised....so fingers crossed!

    But Tabitha has disgraced herself AGAIN tonight....

    Ho hum...

    am off to bed now, night night!

    S xx

  3. Fingers crossed that everything turns out OK!


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