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Saturday 8 March 2008

Why shred??

Some of you may have noticed that whenever we fell a tree or prune one we chip the stuff we cannot keep as firewood. And I got asked why we did this?? So I thought I would put up a post explaining why we DO chip so much stuff.

We have several compost bins dedicated to chipped tree shreddings...

and I can take out what I want to add to the compost bins or to mulch around the garden, as and when I want. AND I can put some in the hens' run for them to scratch around in!!

We DO burn stuff on bonfires which is infected or a pernicious weed or which is too much like hard work to shred BUT often, if it is too small to have as firewood, we do tend to chip it .
And if we DO burn twigs etc the ash goes on the compost bins!!!

We have a trusty Bosch shredder/chipper which is great!! It runs off of our ( 100% renewable Good Energy) electricity and we get to make lots of shreddings for the cost of the electricity only. This saves buying in bark chippings for mulch!!

and a bonus is we know the chippings are uncontaminated by any pesticides or herbicides, as they have come from our own trees...which are, of course, unsprayed.

Also shreddings are really useful to add to the compost heap and also make compost ( rather slowly) in their own right...

so we use the chippings to mulch, add to compost and we are planning on getting a new woodburner soon which will burn chippings...so it all helps reduce our Carbon Dioxide footprint and be more self sufficient.

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