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Thursday 31 July 2008

Busy in the garden

Today, despite having wrenched my right shoulder badly yesterday I had to get on with animal chores. Cleaning out the Hens was one job which couldn't wait, also checking their little feathery bums for signs of Fly strike ( YUCK!) Fortunately no fly eggs or maggots were visible, but at this time of the year it IS important to keep on looking....otherwise the eggs hatch, the maggots VERY QUICKLY eat their way into the living flesh and ....uggg.....

I also had to clean out Fudge the Guinea Pig and check him over too....and he too was ok.

Having done THAT it was time for tidying up around the polytunnel.

The back of the polytunnel, where I do my potting on in the summer...it needed a tidy up!

The garlic drying inside the polytunnel it has been very poor this year, sadly. The Sweetcorn plants went outside into a raised bed to join the plants which have been out there for a month (ooops)
The Aubergines , yum more for supper I think!
My Sweetheart melons, aren't they doing well!

These are Red Cherry, a variety I have not grown before. The organic seed was a free gift from "Organic Gardening Magazine" earlier in the year.
Cucumber plants , producing well at this time of the year!
Peppers growing fast

Tidied up!

Oh and the hens laid 4 eggs today but I have not yet picked the produce....

I had a snooze instead.


  1. Your polytunnel stuff looks fantastic - mine all went in late but my toms, peppers and aubergines are all getting there. I've had cucumbers for a while but my melons succumbed to something nasty when I was away. I also have a few experimental plants - purple tomatillos, soya beans and chickpeas. Time will tell how they do.

  2. Thank you Rosie!
    I must admit to being pleased with how things are progressing, Things are ready for harvest earlier this year, probably because I got it all in earlier and , thanks to having a cloche INSIDE the PT I was able to keep the plants growing until I could pot them into the builder buckets I use for pots. So they all got a really good start this year.

  3. I'm planning to put the cold frame in the polytunnel next year to get things going really early - although at the moment the coldframe is acting as a temporary home for the new young cockerels (plastic lid changed for a currugated sheet one).


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