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Wednesday 30 July 2008

Why are the eggs so different?

I now know who is laying which egg, and here are some photos but not sadly one from Gengis Hen as she lays huge thin shelled monsters which she then treads on and breaks.She can't help it poor thing as she is an ex battery prisoner hen....

Hens...a photo of the different eggs they lay!
From left to right Henny, Ginger, Attila Hen (Maran)
From left to right Attila Hen (Maran), Wednesday (Maran), Thursday (ex battery hen)

Attila and Wednesday are sisters from the same clutch of eggs but lay different colour and shaped eggs?

I wonder why?


  1. One of our hens (Lily) lays the lovely deep brown ones like you have, and then another lays white ones. They all range in sizes, and the smaller the hen the larger the egg!

  2. with ours its Henny the biggest (and softest) hen who lays the biggest and best eggs!

    BUT I have not yet had a double yolker!

  3. How do you know who lays what? Not all ours are laying but we are not sure who is earning their keep and who isn't. We had a double yolk recently and have a monster egg in the box that I think must be a double


  4. Hi Rosie!

    I knew which were Henny and Gingers ( my original two girls...) and by a process of separating out the 4 new girls in with them in the Eglu and the others in the wooden house I worked out who laid what..also by dint of listening to who was cackling and feeling which egg was warm!

    (blush) I spent many years as a research scientist so tend to conduct experiments and I like to gather data, even on the hens (blush)


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