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Sunday 26 October 2008

Flavours of Herefordshire Festival

This afternoon I was at the Flavours of Herefordshire Festival, being "Compostwoman" on the composting and recycling stand run by the County Council.

We had a lot of interest, the "Love Food, Hate Waste" stand was with our compost stands and we were inside a hall with Beekeepers, Marcher Apple Network displays and Slow Food Herefordshire amongst others.

Here are just a few of the displays of apples put out by The Marcher Apple Network.

I spent a lot of time talking about rats in compost bins and then turned around to find a different sort of resident in one of mine!

The Hairy Bikers were there and were VERY friendly, stopping so people could talk to them, take their photos etc! ( No I didn't get one!)

It was sunny but cold on Hereford Racecourse and I was glad to go home and have a hot drink at the end. We WERE very well supplied during the day with wonderful cakes and copious cups of tea or coffee , so thank you to the group doing that (an ecumenical group in Hereford I think?) It was most appreciated!

And I was able to pick up an organic veg box which had been on display over the weekend for a bargain price, and eat braised steak which had been cooking in the slow cooker all afternoon then sit in front of the woodburner and get nice and warm!

I think that is my last Compost related event now for 2008, unless I get asked to do a talk or demo or something!


  1. You are doing a grand job!! Must have been lovely to get home to the braised steak and wood burner!! A really nice satisfying feeling...
    Never thought about rats in the compost bin... eek!! My two cats do a grand job of mousing (not yet seen a rat.. thank god!!) The only problem is they are so proud of catching the mice they like to bring them in for us (think its their way of a thank you gift!!) and they happily plonk mouse onto floor and the blooming thing is still alive.. which is good for mouse I know and I prefer it that way.. but hate having a loose mouse within in my house!! (say that in a Scottish accent and it sounds much better!!) It then turns out to be a mad house as OH and I (or whoever I can get to take part!) are running around like demented people trying to catch said mouse.. When you finally turn around the cat responsible as been and had his fill of food and is lounging in your spot on the settee happily cleaning himself and looking at us with one eye partially open and wondering what all the fuss is about!!! But you wouldn't be without them would you!!
    Jane xxx

  2. Oh Jane I DO recognise that scenario!

    We have cats bringing in shrews and voles non stop at the moment...when they deposit one on the bed by your head its not very nice!!!

  3. We have a useful tool to assist in the capture and removal of unwanted live mice. It's a cardboard tube about 35mm in diameter and 600 mm long (from a roll of wrapping paper) with drafting tape covering one end. Cornered mice can usually be persuaded to dive into the dark end for cover and can then be easily taken outside and "emptied" out.

  4. eek!! now dropping a mouse on your head whilst in bed crosses the line!!!What a wake up call that would be!! But if your are anything like me... after the initial shock you are making a fuss and feeding the cat responsible as if nothing had happened at all... its a cat thing!!
    Thank you MrCW for that wonderful brilliant idea! I am going to make one up for us and no doubt it will not be long before it is put to good use!!
    Jane xxx

  5. In case anyone HADN'T realised, MrCW is Compostman....and yes it IS a really useful thing to have around!

    ( as is he...)

    The late, much missed Montypuss once caught the same mouse every day for more than a week......(we knew as it had a distinctive patch of white on ots back) and every time we caight it in the tube and released it outside....only for it to come back the next day....


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