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Tuesday 14 October 2008

A moulting Henny and other hennish doings!

I have had a very strange experience today! Earlier on today I had Ginger the Hen tap on the back door, squark meaningfully at me ( anyone who has hens will know what I mean!) lead me across the garden to the hen paddock, stand squarking by the gate till I shut away the chicks and let her in, and then she LEGGED it for the hen house and the nest box...to lay an egg....

I think that's quite clever!

Poor Henny! She is loosing her feathers at an alarming rate and is quite miserable and bad tempered with it all....she even had a go at Ginger, her very best mate! When she shakes herself, a cloud of feathers surrounds her.

You can see her bald bum in this one!

This one was taken half an hour later by which time she had lost all her tail feathers.

Feathers litter the floor and run of Cluckingham Palace! Genghis hen peers out of the nest box at me.

Sweetie is moulting as well, but she seems to have grown new feathers before shedding the old ones, so is not looking TOO threadbare!

This is Number 1 cockerel, he is always the first out and the last one back in the run at night, he refuses to go back in with all the others and I have to chase him round and rounds the Eglu run, until he deigns to go in.....typical male!


  1. Yes, both my hens are moulting at the moment .. one has a bald bum, the other a bald bosom! Most undignified!
    Willow x

  2. Lovely, gorgeous photographs... and I just love how clever your chucks are!!! Love reading and seeing the photographs of all of their antics!! Keep these brilliant posts coming CW!!!

    Jane xxx


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