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Monday 6 October 2008

A chilly night

We had a temperature of 1 C last night at about 1 am, but then a lot of cloud came over and warmed things up! So no frost...but its only a matter of time...

As a result I have harvested today lots of stuff which will spoil if it gets below freezing outside, just in case...and I couldn't resist posting some pictures!

In the middle are Turk Turban squashes, behind are some shallots which were drying in the polytunnel, also the last of the peppers and tomatos. The few apples were picked when I went out to the hens and what is left of the Sweetcorn harvest.

The colours on this Turks Turban! I love these and grow them every year. They are good to eat and keep very well also!

Nearly all the sweetcorn is like this to a greater or lesser extent, it tastes delicious BUT the kernels have only ripened part way up...lask of sun because of the weather I suspect.

Such fabulous colours! an autumnal palette....


  1. When all the ears on corn don't ripen it's normally due to poor pollination. Next year, plant lavender near them and it will attract the bees. You should get good full cobs then:)

  2. I don't think that is actually a problem we have had, but thanks for the suggestion!

    The kernels were there, they just hadn't swelled and ripened!

  3. The colours and beauty of this delightful crop are outstanding. It certainly makes for a very beautiful Autumnal photograph... as you say an autumnal palette.
    Reckon it will taste pretty good too!!

    Jane xxx

  4. Hello Jane, yes I was very taken with this lot, I plonk stuff down from outside on this bit of kitchen bench ( as it is the nearest to the door :-0 )and invariably it looks all "arty" and is all begging for me to reach for my camera.......

    I don't think you can really TAKE a bad photo of pumpkins such as these, though! ;-) they are so VERY photogenic!

  5. Puts our latest harvest to shame!!!

  6. Ooh, I'm really jealous of this gathering! I'm still dreaming of a day when I can live in a huge field and grow this sort of produce myself!

  7. Hi GTM! :-))

    I bet you have photos which are as bountiful as mine....go on, post some!

    I love seeing what other folk have grown...I like produce shows for that reason , also ( blush.....)

    Does that make me odd?

    I don't care.....


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