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Friday 3 October 2008

September produce round up

I decided ( why?) to tot up all the stuff I have picked and weighed from the garden in the last month...its NOT an exhaustive list ( though growing and picking it was a bit exhausting!)

but I feel like doing it so just move on a page if you are not interested!

Courgettes 30 Kg
Tomatoes 16 Kg
Purple Beans 20 Kg
Green Beans 10 Kg
Peppers 4 Kg
Aubergines 4 Kg
Marrows 6 Kg
Sweetcorn 8 cobs

plus assorted herbs, salads, spinach etc...

AND Apples, but I am counting those in the 100 Kg plus range !

Eggs ...138

Thats a LOT of produce! I need to expand the stuff I grow so we have more autumn harvest carrots, turnips and salads. I also now need to get the garlic, overwintering onions and broad beans in !

It never really stops you know.


  1. An impressive harvest... well worth all of your hard work.
    I am still in the amateur stages with all this vegetable growing as very new to it all. My Dad was a fantastic gardener and I so wish he was still with us.. he would have soon got me organised.
    With all that harvesting and humping furniture around no wonder your back is hurting!!

    Jane xxx

  2. Thanks Jane! We have actually grown more stuff, but it gets sneaked into the fridge /store before I get to weigh it...and then we eat it or give it away to friends....

    It has been an interesting excercise, I last did it 10 years ago and 5 years ago....and things have changed quite a lot with the climate since then!

  3. Nope, it never really does stop...I feel the same at the moment! Running behind everything. I also had an awful mishap this morn., burned my plum chutney and the worst of it is that half of the plums were a friend's. We began last night and she left it in my 'capable' hands to finish off this morn...don't I feel bad.

  4. Oh HD I only just spottedd your post! ..sorry about the plums..it happens..we cannot be expected to be 100% ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME.......

    so..deep breath, and move on.....


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